In this brand new E-Book , Top Fitness Professionals Mark Hibbitts and Martin Beckley combine their many years of experience as pregnancy and postnatal exercise specialists to show you the safe and effective way to enjoy a fit and healthy pregnancy, and much, much more.

Very user friendly and informative
Vicky Feeney,


Mark Hibbitts & Martin Beckley

Specialist Fitness Consultants & Authors

United Kingdom

March 24, 2009


Dear Mum to Be,

Congratulations on your pregnancy! If you're like all our pregnant personal training clients, (and we're assuming you are) you'll want:

The healthiest possible pregnancy,

The easiest possible birth,

To get back in shape as quickly as possible after it's all over!

That just proves you're like every other mum out there. You're excited, but have obvious concerns. You want to exercise and stay fit because you've heard about the benefits, but you're scared of doing the wrong thing and hurting yourself or baby.

And you're right to be concerned. Because of hormonal and physiological changes it's not advisable to do any old training routine for some of the following reasons;

  • Exercising in certain positions can limit blood supply to your baby.
  • Some exercises could encourage stumbling or overbalancing as your centre of gravity shifts.
  • Overstretching at this time could cause permanent joint damage.
  • Certain exercise machines could aggravate or cause Symphasis Pubis Dysfunction.
  • Too much intensity can result in breathlessness or you and baby getting overheated.

But you don't need to worry because we can help you.

Over the last ten years as specialist fitness consultants we have helped hundreds of women enjoy fit and healthy pregnancies, and we can help you do the same.

And you won't need to visit the gym or buy costly equipment. To make things even easier for you we'll show you how you can achieve it all in the comfort of your own home, using the one piece of equipment that you'll either already have, or will be planning to buy…….………….. Your Birthball

Why Every Pregnant Mother should use a Birthball!

Exercise balls, swiss balls, stability balls, core balls, call them what you like. When you're pregnant we call them birthballs, and you should have one for a number of reasons.

Firstly, just sitting on a ball gives you support and forces you to use good posture. This strengthens your ‘core' muscles and will give welcome relief to your back, especially during the later stages of pregnancy

Baby won't like it if you sit around on the couch and will often get in the wrong position for birth. In late pregnancy a ball can be used to encourage baby to turn into the correct position, which in turn can often speed up labor. That's the main reason all midwives recommend them.

We love them for another very good reason.  

They are fantastic for pregnancy and postnatal fitness!

The days of ‘nine months rest' during pregnancy are gone forever. We're sure you know that statistics have long proven that mothers who exercise regularly during pregnancy experience tremendous benefits, but, just in case you've forgotten, here's a reminder of a few of them:

Less risk of pregnancy induced high blood pressure  

Less risk of pregnancy induced diabetes  

Less chance of forceps or venteuse  

A shorter time in labor  

A faster return to pre-pregnancy weight

Other great reasons to stay strong and fit are the health benefits for baby, including less bodyfat at birth (most likely leading to great health benefits later), less colic, and greater neuro-developmental scores in language and motor skills at age 5.

But if you're like most ladies you'll be unsure what to do.…

We'll solve that problem for you by showing, in easy to understand terms, everything you need to do to get the most from your ball during pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Even if you've never exercised or used a ball before it doesn't matter. Every exercise and stretch has full color start and finish position photographs with simple step by step instructions, meaning you can start working toward a fitter, healthier pregnancy right away.

The E- Book is packed full of information and advice.

You'll discover….

  1. Tons of easy top tips for using a birthball during pregnancy.
  2. All the latest pregnancy exercise safety guidelines and contra-indications.
  3. More than 100 full colour images with easy to follow instructions.
  4. Lots of safe and fun ball exercises for a fit and healthy pregnancy.
  5. Masses of postnatal ball exercises you'll love doing with your baby!
  6. Advanced ball routines for more great results after the postnatal period.
  7. Our 8 super secrets for losing your baby weight FAST!

“The book is easy to read and informative. I love the top tips!”

Laura Davies,  

"I was very impressed with your book. I think you've got it just right!"

Christine Shotton, Personal Trainer, Surrey UK


But that's not all! You'll also find out how to…

  1. Locate and exercise both types of pelvic floor muscle fibers, giving you a tremendous advantage at the ‘pushing stage'.
  2. Locate and activate your ‘core muscles' , giving you functional strength for everyday lifting, easing your back pain, and preventing injuries.
  3. Stretch safely, to ease your aching muscles without damaging your joints.
  4. Eat healthily for a fit pregnancy and a speedy return to your pre-pregnancy bodyweight or better.
  5. Warm up and cool down safely , preventing dangerous sudden rises and falls in blood pressure.

“I use a ball in all my training with my clients. It's a brilliant piece of equipment”

Vicki Hill, Personal Trainer, Bristol UK

“I used my ball during pregnancy and all through my labor. I'd definitely recommend it”

Marie Prime, New Mum, UK  

"I would always introduce the exercise ball into my sessions as it provides postural relief for the pre and post natal ladies and provides a challenging workout safely."

Madeline Carson, Specialist Personal Fitness Coach UK


It's a sad fact that thousands of new mums will buy a birthball this year, sit on it for a few minutes during labor, and then leave it to gather dust in the garage.

But you don't have to be one of them!

For a limited time only we are offering The Birthball E-Book at a special introductory price and including some great bonuses from some of our specialist fitness professional colleagues:

20 minute Movie: You'll receive a link to the online version of our popular DVD ‘A simple guide to Pelvic Floor and Core Exercise'. This 20 minute educational film contains advice and instruction on the importance of pelvic floor exercise, pelvic floor location and simple effective pelvic floor exercises, self checking for abdominal separation, and some gentle floor and ball based core exercises. UK midwives and Doulas are using this film to introduce their mums to Pelvic Floor Exercise.

Motivational Download: We know that during pregnancy and the postnatal period it's not always easy to find the motivation to exercise. Changes in routine, restless babies or just feeling less than 100% are all things that can stop you before you get started. To help you, our colleague Juliet Eccleston from has put together a unique exercise motivation download specifically to be used with this book. Juliet is a mother, Psychotherapist, and author of ‘The Psychology of Giving Birth Programme', available from her website. Juliet's specialty is to help pregnant mums with complications during pregnancy, helping them work with their mind and body to give them the best possible chance of a calm and gentle birth. 

Pregger Fit: by Kaisa Tuominen. Kaisa is a veteran personal trainer specialized in Perinatal Fitness (ICEA) and Corrective Exercise (NASM).  She  empowers clients to have healthy pregnancies, positive birth experiences, and fantastic journeys to becoming fit moms.  The Pregger Fit program focuses on just 10 key exercises to help you endure pregnancy with a smile and prepare your body for a fabulous birth and motherhood.  The exercises are all part of Kaisa's prenatal workout classes at her Catalan studio were each year 50+ babies are born into the Fitness Integral family.


Pregnancy Program: Our good friend, colleague, and top UK personal trainer Dan Thompson has agreed to give us his famous ‘pregnancy exercise program' as an added bonus to our buyers.

Just some of the things you will hear from Dan are:

  • How during your pregnancy your body experiences dramatic physiological changes that require a carefully designed specific exercise program.
  • The dangers of some abdominal exercises during your pregnancy
  • Little-known secrets for preventing excess pregnancy weight gain (that can endanger both you and your baby), stretch marks, varicose veins, saggy breasts, unstoppable food cravings, mood swings, and cellulite.

In June 2012 Dan is putting this program back on sale for $37 but until then it's yours FREE with the Birthball E-Book


Here's what you have to do

To take advantage of our special introductory offer just click on the ‘order now' link below and you'll be taken directly to our secure shopping cart. There, for a limited time only you can purchase your Birthball E-Book, with the bonuses, for the special introductory price of only $27.



Vicky Feeney

"Very user friendly and informative"

Liverpool Independent Midwives



"Very clear and easy to understand, gives basic exercises that anyone can do!"

Mum to Boy aged 2


Madeline Carson
Specialist Personal Fitness Coach

"I would always introduce the exercise ball into my sessions as it provides postural relief for the pre and post natal ladies and provides a challenging workout safely."



Laura Davies

The book is easy to read and informative. I love the top tips!



Chris Shotton
Personal Trainer
Surrey UK

"I was very impressed with your book. I think you've got it just right!"



"This book has helped me get back into my ‘skinny jeans' again…..after 2 children!"


Jenny Burrell

"In late pregnancy, birthballs provide vital support during functional exercises such as squats, keeping mum-to-be strong and well prepared for delivery and labour


Miriam Fox

" I tell my mums not to let go of that ball until you have the baby in your arms then you can hand it over! In my classes I teach the mums breathing while sitting or kneeling against the ball, and in every call or text I get after the birth they say the ball and the breathing got them through it"

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